We believe complying with legal requirements should be three things: simple, effortless, and affordable.

Our mission is to leverage the power of technology to make the law more accessible. We want a better and more user-friendly interface with everything that relates to legal. Because everyone should be able to meet legal requirements and formalities without an expensive lawyer.

Our team

Clarico is a team of legal specialists and developers aiming to make legal as easy as possible. We are not a law firm and instead create digital products to achieve our mission.

Rémy Bonnaffé

Rémy worked as a lawyer specialising in corporate law. Rémy obtained his law degree at the University of Ghent and an additional master's degree at Columbia Law School in New York.

Pierre Van Der Eecken

Pierre has been active as a full stack developer for several years and has worked for several successful tech companies in Belgium, including Bubble Post. Pierre holds a degree in Computer Science from the Artevelde Hogeschool Ghent.

Who we help

From start-ups to larger companies, Clarico supports small and medium businesses across Belgium, either directly or indirectly through accountants and lawyers.

Contact us

Looking for features? Questions? Let us know!

We are really looking forward to talk to our (potential) customers. If you are looking for specific features or have any other questions, please reach out to us by using the contact form, mailing or calling us.

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